Ladies are combing their hair…

I may or may not have mentioned that I am going the first weekend in May for a new hair cut. I’m  thinking a little shorter for S/S15, my lob grew out past my collar bone (this is since November, my hair grows really fast). Now I am well into medium hair territory. I must say that I still really love having short hair, sometimes I miss my long #Middletoninspired hair, but for the spring ans summer it is just too easy and I feel should be celebrated. I can not wait to get this mop trimmed. I’m most definitely thinking bangs this time round, and my hair dresser will not talk me out of it! I also want the front section to be angled, and some short layers throughout so my hair will avoid that awkward/silly bell shape wavy/frizzy hair like mine takes on when not tamed. I will never have “wash and go” hair, but I can fake it (it takes awhile, but dammit, I can do it). I know with shorter hair I won’t be able to put it up in a ponytail anymore and I will need to trim my bangs frequently. But all I can think of is how cute a Coco Chanel/Anna Wintour meets 1970s punk bob will look with my sundresses and pink sandals. Keep the texture and sea salt spray in hand… It’s going to be a bumpy road! Here are some images that I think most closely resemble what I want to accomplish with this cut:

The first is a little more polished, but still super chic and also a little edgy (Like Westwood and McQueen). I want my bangs to be heavier, more like the second photo. With the right products I can easily recreate this look. The second is more what my hair would look like on a daily basis with how my hair is. I would not have to do very much, a little blow drying, some sea salt or texture spray, maybe mousse, and some hair spray, and my good old curling iron.

Keep on the lookout for new hair pics, I’m planning some fun posts for next month, so stay tuned. And on that note it’s time to end.

All for now,

Title from: Signs of Life by 3


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