Lay down the law, don’t change your style…

As I mentioned last week (Here) and (Here) I so took advantage of the VIB event and I made Rouge! Well my order arrived yesterday and here is the breakdown of what I received. I mainly got new items to try and I think this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

Shiseido essence and BB cream – The essence will hopefully replace Lancome Visionnaire, my deluxe sample I tried was amazing, it worked like a dream, however the full size (at $79.00) left much to be desired. I also gave it time, almost two months of morning and night use. The BB cream is something I wanted to try for a while. I purposely read a lot of reviews on a lot of BB creams and this one and Origins were at the top of my try list. Shisiedo won this time, it was a dollar cheaper, and the reviews were a little better. I’m excited to try it for the summer months when it really gets hot.

Besame violet brightening powder – I felt like trying something different, and the packaging made me swoon, we’ll see once I try it, I’m keeping and open mind.

Formula X The Match CLIX – I had been eyeing the Butter London High Tea set and by the time I placed my order it was sold out! I came a cross this set of mini polishes and decided to go for it. The Formula X polishes are decent and the colours were similar to the original set I wanted and the price point was affordable. I used the neutral shade, invincible, it’s the perfect nude.

Butter London Tops and Tails kit – Speaking of Butter London, I picked up this mini base and top coat set, I needed to replace both of my current items, (I’m running low on base and I don’t really care for my current top coat) and I thought I’d give this set a go. I’m looking forward to trying this set since I am currently obsessed with polishing my nails! (More on this soon, I promise!)

Beauty Blender set – I have been wanting to see what all the hype is about and the VIB event was the perfect opportunity to try them out, and if I can rotate the sponges weekly I will possibly end up saving money on make up sponges! I call that a win!

Philosophy Hope in a Jar and Fresh Start Cleansing duo – My Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve cream is just about gone and even though I do really enjoy it, I decided that the price point is just a bit too high for something I use twice a day. I was originally going to try the FAB cream, but I read as many reviews on a lot of face creams and I settled on HiaJ. I already love philosophy’s body wash/bubble bath/shampoo three in one, the price is great and the scents are darling (Even Husband enjoys them!). I’m Also trying Purity face wash and Microdelivery exfoliator, (once my drugstore Neutrogena Naturals is gone) I’m interested to see how well they work, as I have read predominately good things.

Benefit Sizzling Six set (no longer available at Sephora) – I love that Benefit comes out with these little sample sets. For the price of one full size item, you can try a bunch and not feel guilty that you broke the bank on trying a bunch of new stuff, then purchase your full size faves (Says the girl who made Rouge in April).

I also picked up another foundation, because even though I am closer to thirty than I’d like to admit, I still break out like I am fourteen and I hate to be with out foundation. Maybe my new products will help me on my journey to clear skin. I also picked up the Wen travel size set for my Mom, it did not arrive as advertised so it will be going back and hopefully I can get a correct set for her. Be on the look out for reviews as I start opening things up, I always buy in advance, so I don’t run out, so bear with me! And on that note it’s time to end!

All for now,

Title from: Lay Down the Law by 3


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