I’m in [my] favourite sundress…

Today was the day Lilly Pulitzer for Target dropped in a big way! I set my alarm to get up super early (by my standards especially for a Sunday)! Husband and I made our way to the local Target about ten after eight and there was hardly anything left! I was a little surprised, based on the area I live in. I think people came from out of town and these women had cart-fulls of everything they could find. I planned to pick up a few things and keep it simple. They did not have everything at my local Target which is understandable. I managed to find two sundresses that fit, only one of which I actually wanted ( here{sold out online}, here{sold out online}). A tote bag (also sold out online) that I don’t really need, but will come in handy for weekend trips or packing my casual clothes for when Husband has a softball game and I don’t want to wear my work clothes to a dirty softball field. And I picked up the string lights (out of what I bought the lights are still available) because that was the only thing Husband seemed even remotely interested in. All in all it was a great day, and while I still am on the hunt for the “perfect Lilly shift” and maybe some other fun pieces for many S/S seasons to come… Oh, well there is always next year. And on that note, it’s time to end.

All for now,

Title from: Video Games by Lana Del Rey


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