And the butterflies turned to dust they covered my whole room…

On Wednesday I had the day off, so my mother and I had ourselves an adventure. It started out with my orthodontist appointment, where metal came off (a temporary bracket on my right canine the one I named “Waldo”, the ring on my left canine, and my first molars had to be replaced), more metal went on (the canines got new hardware as well as my third molars on each side, while the first molars got new brackets with hooks on them {more on that in a bit}). I got new arch wires as well, the top one has these silly loops that hook up so they are super annoying. The point of that is to hook a tiny rubber band from the loop which is near my lateral incisors back to the hook bracket on my second molars on either side. By doing this it will aid in moving my top front teeth back into position. But it hurts like crazy and I hate having to change them multiple times a day. But all in all we are getting closer to being done with my treatment than not!

Next on our little adventure was breakfast, we went to Pete’s Famous in Rhinebeck, it’s a quaint little diner, they use Fiestaware plate, so instantly it is our new favourite. We were pleasantly surprised. We then hit up a few antique stores and browsed around the Poughkeepsie Galleria. I found these super cute jeans from Ann Taylor Loft which I can not wait to wear! My mom also picked up a ffew pieces from Loft as well. Then we hit up Sephora, no shocker there… I picked up this nail drying spray, face mask, and more brush cleaner. I am really excited to try the face mask and drying spray. Once I’ve tried the new additions, I’ll share my thoughts once I test the newbies. And on that note it’s time to end.

All for now,

Title from: Clean by Taylor Swift


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