The colour of her eyes, were the colour of insanity…

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day, and since I am a wee bit Irish and Husband is half, I figured we’d talk a bit about it today. First off I love the colour green! It’s long been a fave and since I have green eyes it really makes them pop! I plan to wear one of my favourite green sweaters from Brooks Brothers, and my night-watch tartan trousers, I will also be wearing my Burgundy G.H. Bass loafers. We plan to go to a local pub for taco night… I know, tacos on St. Patrick’s day, but it’s such a great idea, who doesn’t love tacos? I mean am I right? So I just wanted to share a little blurb in preparation for tomorrow. What is everybody else doing tomorrow? And on that note it’s time to end.

All for now,

Title from: Devil’s Dance Floor by Flogging Molly


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