But you fit me better than my favourite sweater…

I recently discovered Lana Del Rey and I must say (and rhyme apparently!) I am obsessed. Super cool, 60s inspired, makes me want to drink a martini, shaken not stirred, dress like Marilyn, style my hair like Priscilla, all while smoking a cigarette. I’m loving what I’ve heard. I need to get her albums. Feeling inspired I filed my nails, shaped them almond like and painted them red. I need a creamier red, and more red. My ensembles for the week are a little retro inspired and all will work well with my new nails. I wish I could wear a floral crown to work. And maybe get up at 4 a.m. everyday to curl set my hair to make it look like Veronica Lake.

My J. Crew order arrived, I can’t wait to wear everything. Like I mentioned I planned all of my ensembles for the week. I’ll have to take some pictures of my new pieces and how I plan to wear them.

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, Husband and I enjoyed $70+ of sushi, which we ordered out from our favourite sushi place, Kyoto, in Kingston, NY and we enjoyed some wine. I was feeling crummy after working all day and we had a snow storm in the Hudson Valley. And on that note it’s time to end.

All for now,

Title from: Blue Jeans by Lana Del Rey


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