The way your makeup stains my pillowcase…

I’m still trying to feel better, I’m sure it has something to do with my stress levels and the stomach bug I acquired last week. I have to shake this feeling some how, and I don’t know how. It’s like I have a pit in my stomach that will not pass. And on top of that it was a trying week and I see no signs of stopping. My skin has calmed down a bit which is always helpful.

I finally received the J.Crew gift cards that I ordered from my reward card points. I got a few transitional wardrobe items that I am looking forward to trying in the next few weeks. I ended up only spending about $10.00, which is a total win, considering all of the money that I have spent over the past few weeks on m new Fresh obsession.

I finally opened Diorshow… I am in love, I wear this mascara now daily (2 coats to my top lashes) and it does not move for 10+ hours. It is creamy, build-able and super long wearing. Go out and buy it, you won’t be sorry you did! And on that note it’s time to end.

All for now,

Title from: Of All the Gin Joints in All the World by Fall Out Boy


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