You have won all my money and my brand new stetson hat…

January is coming to a close and that means my favourite things! To start this year off right, I will be speaking of my new found Fresh obsession, some goals I have set for the next few months, and what I’m currently reading. OK, here we go!

Fresh – I warned you guys this was coming! It started with the Seaberry oil, and it has now become a $500+ obsession! I got a sample of the Black Tea Age Delay cream, and I have to say, that might be something to pick up in the future. My order from the other day consisted of: Lotus Youth Preserve Skincare Kit, mainly because I want to try the face wash, I have really high expectations after reading all of the reviews. Seaberry Oil, the whole reason for the order! I seriously can not be without this miracle oil. Seaberry Restorative Body Cream, if this is as good as the reviews say I am really in for a long and expensive love affair. Umbrian Clay Mattifying Serum, I have been reading some of my favourite bloggers beauty routines and they all use a serum, based on what I need for my complexion right now, this seemed like my best bet. Let’s see how this goes!

I have set a few goals for the upcoming year, mainly because I hate the word “resolution”, I break resolutions, I meet my goals. Of course I want to be healthier, not only eating right, but exercising, and drinking a lot more water and a lot less alcohol. All of these are completely attainable given the right motivation, and discipline. I want to start doing yoga, and stick with it. I enjoy it, but I feel I don’t have the time. I need to make the time.
 I also want to save more than my “auto save” I put 10% of my paycheck in my savings account. It’s a fair starting point, but now that I am finished paying off my braces I could be saving upwards of $300 per month. But saving what ever I can would be a success!
I want to create a beauty routine and stick with it. Although I am really good about washing my make up off before bed, and I moisturize twice a day, and I use a face mask. I feel like I have been trying way too many products lately! I’m sure those of you who read would more than agree. I am starting to feel like excess is never going to address my skin issues. Less and quality is more!

And now to what I am reading! I have been getting better with reading in this new year. I am reading on my lunch breaks usually. Because of our staggered lunches at work, you don’t always get to have company and even though we have cable in our break room, I thinks it’s better to stimulate your mind than watch daytime T.V. I am almost finished with American Poetry 1922, which I am reading on iBooks. I like iBooks, because like other readers it’s easy on my eyes, compact, light weight, and all of the classics are free. I have not gone with another e reader because I like only having one device. I was thinking about tackling Dream Psychology by Sigmund Freud next, we’ll see what happens. And on that note it’s time to end!

All for now,

Title from: Stagger Lee by Lloyd Price


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