And Go-Cart Mozart was checkin’ out the weather chart to see if it was safe to go outside…

It’s snowing up my way in the Hudson Valley and will most likely continue throughout tomorrow… The Thru-way shuts down tonight at 11pm, we are in a State of Emergency. So it should be a fun little commute to work tomorrow, unless we are delayed or even better (but wishful thinking) closed!

I am the BIGGEST JERK-FACE and spilled most (almost all) of my hardly used Fresh Seaberry oil on my bathroom floor. So I order $180+ more from Sephora. God, are you there? It’s me Kiki and I have a problem. I think I need a support group. I spend entirely way too much money on beauty products and skin care. And I need to be stopped. Only I would be spastic enough to drop $50 face oil on the floor. Thank God the bottle didn’t break… Then I truly would have been devastated. This face oil is one of the few things that actually works well, and that I use everyday, I have become dependent on it and I can’t be without. See there I go, I’m obsessed and I have a problem. So in addition to replacing my Seaberry oil I bought a bunch of other Fresh products that I have wanted to try. Once they come in I will review them, along with what came in last week, I am still working on finishing up my eye cream, mascara, and face mask. I was thinking about sharing the face mask with my sister, whom loved the packaging and wanted to take it home with her when she saw it sitting on my night stand. I used a fair amount, but It breaks me out, and I was finally getting to the point where my skin was looking better, and I don’t want to go back. Mainly because I am at a strange place with my skin, it’s winter, so it’s really dry, my hands have been cracking, my cuticles ripping, my face patchy, dry, and now broken out. In the summer I get oily and break out. But at the same time, I am developing sun spots on my cheeks closer to my eyes, crows feet, and acne scarring. I can’t win, and it’s a little hard to treat. I am doing OK, I suppose, but the product junkie in me is mucking up the works big time with putting all of the things on my face. And on that note it’s time to end.

All for now,

Title from: Blinded by the Light by Bruce Springsteen (Sorry, my Jersey is showing again)


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