You have won all my money and my brand new stetson hat…

January is coming to a close and that means my favourite things! To start this year off right, I will be speaking of my new found Fresh obsession, some goals I have set for the next few months, and what I’m currently reading. OK, here we go!

Fresh – I warned you guys this was coming! It started with the Seaberry oil, and it has now become a $500+ obsession! I got a sample of the Black Tea Age Delay cream, and I have to say, that might be something to pick up in the future. My order from the other day consisted of: Lotus Youth Preserve Skincare Kit, mainly because I want to try the face wash, I have really high expectations after reading all of the reviews. Seaberry Oil, the whole reason for the order! I seriously can not be without this miracle oil. Seaberry Restorative Body Cream, if this is as good as the reviews say I am really in for a long and expensive love affair. Umbrian Clay Mattifying Serum, I have been reading some of my favourite bloggers beauty routines and they all use a serum, based on what I need for my complexion right now, this seemed like my best bet. Let’s see how this goes!

I have set a few goals for the upcoming year, mainly because I hate the word “resolution”, I break resolutions, I meet my goals. Of course I want to be healthier, not only eating right, but exercising, and drinking a lot more water and a lot less alcohol. All of these are completely attainable given the right motivation, and discipline. I want to start doing yoga, and stick with it. I enjoy it, but I feel I don’t have the time. I need to make the time.
 I also want to save more than my “auto save” I put 10% of my paycheck in my savings account. It’s a fair starting point, but now that I am finished paying off my braces I could be saving upwards of $300 per month. But saving what ever I can would be a success!
I want to create a beauty routine and stick with it. Although I am really good about washing my make up off before bed, and I moisturize twice a day, and I use a face mask. I feel like I have been trying way too many products lately! I’m sure those of you who read would more than agree. I am starting to feel like excess is never going to address my skin issues. Less and quality is more!

And now to what I am reading! I have been getting better with reading in this new year. I am reading on my lunch breaks usually. Because of our staggered lunches at work, you don’t always get to have company and even though we have cable in our break room, I thinks it’s better to stimulate your mind than watch daytime T.V. I am almost finished with American Poetry 1922, which I am reading on iBooks. I like iBooks, because like other readers it’s easy on my eyes, compact, light weight, and all of the classics are free. I have not gone with another e reader because I like only having one device. I was thinking about tackling Dream Psychology by Sigmund Freud next, we’ll see what happens. And on that note it’s time to end!

All for now,

Title from: Stagger Lee by Lloyd Price


And Go-Cart Mozart was checkin’ out the weather chart to see if it was safe to go outside…

It’s snowing up my way in the Hudson Valley and will most likely continue throughout tomorrow… The Thru-way shuts down tonight at 11pm, we are in a State of Emergency. So it should be a fun little commute to work tomorrow, unless we are delayed or even better (but wishful thinking) closed!

I am the BIGGEST JERK-FACE and spilled most (almost all) of my hardly used Fresh Seaberry oil on my bathroom floor. So I order $180+ more from Sephora. God, are you there? It’s me Kiki and I have a problem. I think I need a support group. I spend entirely way too much money on beauty products and skin care. And I need to be stopped. Only I would be spastic enough to drop $50 face oil on the floor. Thank God the bottle didn’t break… Then I truly would have been devastated. This face oil is one of the few things that actually works well, and that I use everyday, I have become dependent on it and I can’t be without. See there I go, I’m obsessed and I have a problem. So in addition to replacing my Seaberry oil I bought a bunch of other Fresh products that I have wanted to try. Once they come in I will review them, along with what came in last week, I am still working on finishing up my eye cream, mascara, and face mask. I was thinking about sharing the face mask with my sister, whom loved the packaging and wanted to take it home with her when she saw it sitting on my night stand. I used a fair amount, but It breaks me out, and I was finally getting to the point where my skin was looking better, and I don’t want to go back. Mainly because I am at a strange place with my skin, it’s winter, so it’s really dry, my hands have been cracking, my cuticles ripping, my face patchy, dry, and now broken out. In the summer I get oily and break out. But at the same time, I am developing sun spots on my cheeks closer to my eyes, crows feet, and acne scarring. I can’t win, and it’s a little hard to treat. I am doing OK, I suppose, but the product junkie in me is mucking up the works big time with putting all of the things on my face. And on that note it’s time to end.

All for now,

Title from: Blinded by the Light by Bruce Springsteen (Sorry, my Jersey is showing again)

But there’s something about her long shady eyes…

My Sephora haul has arrived!!! I am super de dooper exccited, I can’t wait to try all of my new things and samples I received. From my previous posts I am sooooo in love with Fresh products. I opened up the boxes of the Black Tea Mask and the Rose Eye Gel and the packaging is fantastic. The eye gel smells good, I hope that it will work better for me then my current eye cream; which I still have to finish.
The following is what I have to finish up: Benefit It’s Potent eye cream, it’s OK, I say that because it feels nice going on, but I don’t think it is doing jack shit for my dark circles, which are mainly on the inner eye/nose area. Thank goodness I have no problem covering them with foundation/concealer/powder.
I also need to finish up my Glamglow ThirstyMud, I’m about a third of the way through my full size jar and I gotta say, I had high hopes. I love, love, love, GlamGlow SuperMud, which I received as a sample and it really works, my pores have never been so clear. So I got the set of a full size ThirstyMud and two travel size masks, SuperMud and YouthMud. YouthMud is almost gone, not be fond of that one either, will not be reordering. So back to ThirstyMud: it smells great, makes my skin very smooth, but I feel like it breaks me out, not crazy breakouts, but enough to make me crazy, if that makes any sense.
My Clinique mascara is on it’s way out, it’s not a bad mascara it hardly flakes, which I like but it’s just basic and I feel like it’s just OK, nothing special, I would only reorder as a last resort. I am so excited to try the newest addition to my makeup arsenal: Diorshow, I went with the classic black. I saw the box among everything else and I fell in love with the packaging, I just had to open it up and look at the tube design. Based on packaging design alone, I feel that this will become a new love affair.
Once I’ve tried all of the newbies I will review them, hopefully all good things! And on that note it’s time to end!

All for now,

Title from: Mascara by Deftones

A girl with kaleidoscope eyes…

This three day weekend was filled with both accomplishment and laziness, if that can even be possible… Saturday Husband and I purchased a much needed new bed that will be delivered the Saturday. Sunday consisted of sleeping in and laying around all day. Oh, and dropping $400+ at Sephora. I plan to go into more detail when my order arrives next week. I got some stuff I have been meaning to try like the Fresh Black Tea mask and Rose eye cream, Nars pressed powder, and And God Created Woman eye kit. Along with more primer, foundation and Clarisonic replacement heads. I have been a huge Nars fan over the years, I live for Orgasm blush and Gipsy lipstick. I’ve been using them for so long! As for Fresh, I am a recent convert. My love affair started with the Seaberry oil, I can’t wait to try the mask and eye cream. I think my next Sephora purchase will include the Soy cleanser and sugar lip balm. And on that note, it’s time to end.

All for now,

Title from: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by The Beatles

Forget December…

Thanksgiving came and went, so has Christmas and New Year’s; much closer to one year older and we begin again. Starting fresh in a shiny new year in the bitter fucking cold of winter (up my way anyway). So what’s happened over the past month and a half? More wonderful and crappy changes at work… We’ll see when the dust settles on that. It’s been fucking cold, but I mentioned that already. I recently discovered some of my new favourite things…

1. Fresh Seaberry oil – Although it may seem counter intuitive to put oil on your face, let me just say DO IT! Throw caution to the wind and oil up your face. But in all seriousness, I have had trouble with my skin since before I can remember. And I know that along the way I didn’t take the best care of my skin. This oil in addition with using my Clarisonic and my next favourite things have really made all of the difference. The texture, tone, and scarring has all evened out and my skin looks brighter and over all better.

2. GlamGlow SuperMud and ThirstyMud – Both of these GlamGlow masks have also changed my life. With how dry my skin becomes in the winter I have to follow SuperMud with ThirstyMud (or equivalent), but again it has made a difference. SuperMud clears  my pores and tightens. It’s drying like I’ve mentioned but ThirstyMud makes up for that I mainly use it at night as a over night mask and when I wake up my skin is super hydrated and glowing. They are both a little on the expensive side, but well worth it.

3.Flannel Pajamas – For Christmas I received several pairs of pajamas. By far my favourite is the tartan pair from J. Crew I received from my Husband. They are so warm and cozy, ideal for long bitter cold nights.

On that note it’s time to end.

All for now,

Title from: Forget December by Something Corporate