I want loads of clothes and fuckloads of diamonds…

I thought I would get a little more opinionated today and share the struggle of building a wardrobe. It hasn’t been easy and it’s not always fun. Being a twenty-something I am still going through a journey of self discovery, I know what I like, I feel I know who I am, but I still feel like I am finding how to put the two together. On building my forever wardrobe:
When I was 19, I worked for my Father and after a very good year he handed me cash in addition to my Christmas gifts. With that found money I could only think of one thing to purchase -shoes- you know, the Italian kind! I was at Bergdorf Goodman and I made the mistake of trying on a pair of full price Manolo Blahnik pumps. Fever, black patent leather, $655.00, they fit like a glove and I had to have them! I asked the wonderful salesman helping me that I would like to purchase them and I handed him my credit card (I did not want to know the total). And that is how it started! All with a pair of Manolos! Since then I have changed careers, gotten married, and purchased a home and rightfully so I am now twenty-six! My wardrobe has also evolved into what will become my “forever wardrobe” I have investment pieces such as my Burberry trench, Alexander McQueen scarf, cashmere sweater, classic pumps, wool blazers and wool sweaters and a few DVF wrap dresses. I have become so quality oriented, I no longer look at price tags, only how often and well worn an item will become (for those of you that utilize price per wear). 
So I have spent the last few years scouring the internet for how to build a wardrobe and so far I have found several blogs, info graphics and books that haven’t helped me much. So I went out on my own and started what I like to call “My Forever Wardrobe”. I work in a conservative industry so my work attire needs to reflect such, I am also rather conservative in my home life, so my “off duty” attire should reflect this as well. I live for J. Crew sweaters and chinos, both perfect for work and play. If I could wear one style of skirt forever it would be a pencil… I own more than I should admit. A pencil is always appropriate; For work, date night or dressed down with a tee shirt… The possibilities are endless. My denim is quality, dark wash and well fitting, I hover between straight leg and flare, I despise skinny. The aforementioned sweater collection is ever growing! I can’t seem to have enough wooly creations… From cotton blends, merino wool, cashmere, and angora, I have never met a sweater I didn’t like! They go with everything, also can be dressed up or down. I just bought this beauty from Asos!Sweaters and trousers or a pencil skirt are my F/W uniform. My S/S uniform mostly consists of sun dresses, flirty skirts, mostly a-line or straight, light weight cotton blend sweaters, flats and wedge sandals. I also picked up this dress to wear to my cousin’s wedding and a white sleeveless shirt dress that I could do so much with for the hell of it!(I can’t find it on their site) But Asos is quickly becoming my new favourite store. I can’t wait for my order to come in!

This post was a vent, a rant and very cathartic for me. I have been holding a lot of this in because I can’t find anything that has helped me. So if you are in a similar boat, go out their and make it up your self. Find some one whose style you like take bits from them, make sure what you come up with will fit into your daily life. If you are conservative, don’t dress over the top. If you are edgy dressing Like Jackie, Grace and Audrey might not be for you. And on that note it’s time to end.

All for now,

Title from: The Fear by Lily Allen