Breeze blows leaves of a musty-coloured yellow

Since September is almost over I thought I might share some of my favourite things! And since it’s now officially Autumn, that just may be my theme… Maybe.

1. Tartan – I love tartans, my favourite being Nightwatch, which is typically navy and green. I have a pair of trousers in this pattern and a blazer. Here are my pants.

2. Sweaters – I have 50+ sweaters and I am always looking to expand my collection. I love lightweight knits for spring and summer, heavy wool and cashmere for fall and winter. I can not get enough. If I could own all the sweaters I would. Currently I am in the market for a heavy Fisherman style like this, and a Fair Isle (I have yet to find one to my liking).

3. Brunch – I love brunch, if I could eat brunch for every meal, I would. My favourite spot locally is the Beekman Arms in Rhinebeck, NY. I go as often as the wallet allows. My last visit was for my birthday. My favourite menu items include: Crab cakes Benedict, Shrimp and Arugula over linguine, the Tuxedo Bomb (and boy is it ever!), and for cocktails there is nothing better than the French martini. I know I’ve said it before, but drop what you are doing and go now! Lunch and Brunch are really reasonably priced and their cocktails are amazing!

 4. Fall T.V. – My shows are starting up again! I couldn’t be happier, already Sleepy Hollow, The Big Bang Theory, and Sons of Anarchy have aired and Blue Bloods starts tonight. So far on the new shows front I have watched Scorpion, which I like and Gotham which I love, mainly for Donal Logue, who I feel is so underrated and under utilized. I also want to catch Selfie with Karen Gillian, who I am in love with, Bad Judge and A to Z. And the rest of my shows haven’t started yet, but they will be soon!

And on that note it’s time to end.

All for now

Title from: Autumn Almanac by The Kinks


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