I’d like to see you when the summer sun sets down

Now that it is September first it is fourteen days before my twenty-sixth birthday… The closer I get to it the stranger I feel. I keep repeating twenty-six in my mind, almost like it’s my new mantra. So as I dwell on things that I can not change and things that I do not need to worry about such as: People that I know keep asking me when I am going to have a baby. I am really over it. I don’t know that at twenty-six I am able to cope with having a baby. At least let me have another year or two. Or the fact that Husband and I want to sell our house and try to move.

So now that it is September lets recap my favourite things.

Bumble and Bumble’s Hair Dresser’s Invisible Oil Primer not only is this stuff amazing but it smells great too. I tried a sample size from Sephora and after one use I was immediately hooked. Full size is $26.00 but it is well worth the investment.Your hair will thank you.

Doctor Who, which just started back up two weeks ago, now with Peter Capaldi as Twelve. I refer to him as #ScotDoc and so far the only thing I like about his incarnation is that he has books on display in the TARDIS. Jenna Coleman is back as Clara Oswin Oswald and as far as a companion goes she is O.K. I still have a soft spot for Rose and Ten(nant). But we are only two episodes in to the series and things are already getting interesting. Like who is the dark haired lady that offers tea after some one dies?

And on that note it’s time to end.

All for now,

Title from: Mary Go Round by Motion City Soundtrack


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