You stole my soul that’s a pain I can do without

Now that it’s July, I should recap my favourite things from June!

EOS lip balm: I love the sweet mint, in fact I love it so much I refer to it as my crack, I currently have the egg shaped container, which is really annoying because it looks stupid if you try to put it in your pocket. But looking stupid is worth how much this lip balm has changed my life. 
Equipment blouse: I recently picked up a gently used second hand Equipment blouse for $20 at a flea market! I couldn’t be happier!!! I have been eying one for many moons now and could never pay full price. I also was not able to find a colour, or pattern that I liked on clearance. This blouse is my new everything, I can dress it up for work or down on the weekends! A must for any young professional. 
Doo-Wop: I have been on a Doo-Wop kick for weeks now and I can’t get enough! I recently told my Husband that if anyone ever looked at my Pandora stations they would think I were insane.

And on that note it’s time to end.

All for now,

Title from: Maggie May by Rod Stewart


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