Die for me…

It’s been an interesting few days. Lots more changes at work some good, bad and ugly. It will continue to be rough for a while which is fine, but also frustrating.  I got some new X-Ray specs (eyeglasses) two weeks ago and they are pretty awesome. Since it is starting to really warm up (except for today, when I woke up there was snow on the ground) I have been wearing more and more of my Spring clothing. Which is all I can talk about lately, but I can’t get enough of planning my ensembles. I have them planned for the rest of April. I have been watching a ton of TV lately, like Game of Thrones, Resurrection, and Supernatural. Can I just say how glad I am that that mother fucking cock sucking King Joffrey (excuse my choice words) finally got his and got dead? If ANYONE deserved to die on the show it was definitely him. although the lack of Jon Snow in Sunday’s episode was not cool… Easter is this Sunday, So Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

Title:Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie


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