You won’t be my fashion victim…

It’s finally April! I managed to survive April first without any pranks, which I am ever so glad about! I am not a prank person, I get really anxious and it is just bad… Anyway, up in the north it is finally warming up! I am hoping that I can wear my Spring clothes soon! Here is a recap of what is going on, and what is to come!
On the docket Formula 1 2014 has officially started, first we went to Melbourne, Austrailia where Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull Racing was disqualified after placing second in the race. And Malaysia where my favourite driver finished second for Red Bull Racing, Sebastian Vettel. Up next is Bahrain, should be interesting like the first two races with all of the new changes to regulation. Qualifying was quite interesting in Bahrain, no surprise on the result, Mercedes in front Red Bull Racing third.
My next topic: Game of Thrones… On of my favourite shows right now, it’s fourth season starts on HBO Today! I am really excited about this, last season left us with the Red Wedding and since then I have been wanting more! I know I can read the books, but have you read those books? It is harder than shoveling four feet of snow after a blizzard! Tune in, it’s going to be awesome!
My last bit is really just a rant… I got a phone call Thursday from a coworker TELLING me to wear black, white or grey.  I responded with Monochromatic and she was puzzled and then said yes. Now we have a dress code at work, that I feel is more than reasonable, but should we plan to all match? It’s like she probably has an ensemble in mind, I think I know which one and wants to show off… I mucked up her colour scheme by wearing a grey sweater with teal argyle… Anything to stick it to the (wo)man. In addition to my sweater I wore a white oxford shirt underneath, black trousers and my J.Crew Harper Bow flats. I will say that I wanted to wear something spring-like, maybe even floral… But no. I have black on… 

Title: April Fool by Soul Asylum


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