Strike a violent pose…

I want to talk about fashion exclusively today. Really just my fashion and what I have been wearing lately. It’s mostly black monochromatic or American Horror Story Coven inspired or something really preppy. Today it’s back to black and grey.  I have a super old pair of dress trousers on with a grey Peter Pan collar shirt, black super old cardi and my favourite black Doctor Marten’s which will now and going forward be referred to as DMs. I curled my hair like Kate Middleton, who is my idol. I went easy on the make up since I had a sty for the past few day. I have been trying to make my ensbles more interesting and fun. So far all I have accomplished was wearing all black or a lot of tartan. I see so many great ideas and the bursting closet I have and I just draw a blank. I end up wearing the se things. You could definitely say I am in a fashion rut, I go through them from time to time (as most of is do). My problem is I notice it. Next week will bey week! I will wear something different! I promise! 

All for now!
Title from “teenagers” My Chemical Romance

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