sci-fi nerd and other news…

Hello friends! Today I ordered myself Doctor Who series 1-7. Now I have finished series 1 with Christopher Eccelston as the Ninth Doctor and I really liked it. Love would be a stretch. But I am really excited for series 2. I really like David Tennant. Ever since he was Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Now I know David Tennant has been in other things but I haven’t seen them all. I just thought he embodied who Barty Crouch Jr. was– a prat. I am also looking forward to the week I have off of work that officially started Friday at 4:30pm. I have a lot of plans. Blogging, cleaning my house, reading, working on my novel and preparing for my oral surgery on Tuesday.

I recently entered into the world of braces. I got them put on in February of this year and I hate them. I work with the public so I often get comments about them. Mainly “why didn’t you get invisalign?” Hey, buddy don’t you think if I were a candidate for invisalign I would have gone that route. Other people share their horror stories with me. Thanks I already have them and hate them, so please, scare me some more! Anyway I need to get used to eating liquid and really soft food for a while, so I may be a wee bit cranky and or snarky.

Enjoy the week everyone!


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