I hear the birds on the summer breeze…

January has been a pretty productive month over all, I was able to get back to blogging semi-regularly, I started to exercise more regularly and lost a few pounds so far, and some other personal stuff is looking up! So I thought I would share some of my favourite things!

1. Star Trek Discovery – I am a total SciFi nerd… As if you guys hadn’t noticed, and this show is awesome! There will always have a soft spot for TOS, but this is a really great continuation of the story/universe. For any Trekkies it’s a must see!

2. Herbivore Lapis & Blue Tansy mask – I have been wanting to try Herbivore products for a while now, and I am so glad that I did! I have been using the Lapis oil at night for a few weeks now and I love it. I feel like my skin has calmed way the fuck down, since my hormones are still out of whack post partum. And I’ve used the Blue Tansy mask a couple of times and I love how soft it leaves my skin. It’s a real miracle worker!

3. Invisibobble – My Mother bought a pack for my daughter because she hates hair ties, and she doesn’t really like these either, she just really hates her hair up. I’m convinced she is a metal head and prefers her hair in her face. Anyway, I use them and I love them! They are super comfortable to wear, they don’t pull my hair and they shrink back to original size after use. And they come in a million colours!

4. It’s Supertime – This is the cooking show for my generation, it’s a Viceland show and it has everything someone my age could ever want, swearing, food I actually want to eat and a tatted up no nonsense chef. The fajitas episode is hilarious!

I’m looking forward to February, winter will be closer to being over, I have a long weekend coming up and a Bridal Shower to attend! And on that note, it’s time to end!

All for now,


Title from: Ride by LDR


I’d trade it all for a stairway to heaven…

J and I recently watched Blade Runner 2049, which I was pleasantly surprised… I love the original so much (I mean how can you not?). There were a lot of things that I thought I was going to hate, for starters, I a not a Ryan Gosling fan, like At. All. However his performance was pretty good. I also didn’t like how pathetic his character was, I mean I know the “designed” his character that way, but come on… His hologram girlfriend, his longing to find out who he really is, if he is in fact anybody, and not just a Replicant. I also wasn’t that impressed with Jared Leto, a lot of his work is hit or miss for me, and this was a miss.

We start out with Ryan Gosling’s character K, is a LAPD Detective, who hunts down and kills Replicants (sounds familiar right?). While hunting down a Replicant at a protein farm he comes a cross a box buried under a tree, with remains in side. He like the good cop/Replicant his is takes it back to his precinct, where upon further investigation they discover that it is the remains of a female Replicant and she died in child birth… But how is this possible?

K goes on a mission to find out who she was and what brought her to her end. Through some twists and turns he is lead to believe that he is the child of this Replicant that he has come to know as Rachael, a model made by the now defunct Tyrell Corporation. Who ran away with Deckard 21 years prior. He finds that twins were born on the date 06.10.2021, which he has a memory of a carved horse from his “childhood” bearing that date… Joi his hologram girl friend believes that this is evidence that he was born and not made… The twins were male and female, with the boy listed as alive.

K decides to visit the orphanage in what was San Diego where he is met with some opposition, when he finally thinks he is getting the answers he is looking for, only to be disappointed, he “remembers” being in the orphanage as a child and finds the carved horse with the inscription 6.10.21. Was he born and not made?

K visits Dr. Ana Stelline, who makes Replicant memories, confirms that “his” memory is real, he continues to believe that he is Rachael’s son. He goes back to his precinct and convinces his superior Lieutenant Joshi (Robin Wright) that he killed the Replicant child. She in turn gives him time to flee, his hologram girlfriend convinces him to download her to a emanator. He has the horse analyzed and there are trace amounts of radiation that lead him to Las Vegas, where he finds dun, dun, dun Deckard.

K and Deckard obviously have a gun fight… Like that was a given, and I’d say it was a tie leaning towards Deckard, I mean he is still a badass! They get ambushed of course and they get to the bottom of some business with the Replicant Resistance Movement, they want K to kill Deckard. In the mean time Luv (Sylvia Hoeks), a Wallace employee/Henchman kidnaps Deckard and takes him to Wallace headquarters, and they offer him a Replicant that looks like Rachael, only Deckard sees right through that, those dummies messed up her eyes… Luv plans to take Deckard off world where she can torture him, and K interviens, killing Luv and staging Deckard’s death. We wrap up with K dying from his injuries after fighting Luv, and Deckard finally meets his daughter Dr. Ana Stelline.

I loved how Harrison Ford was back as Rick Deckard, that was one of the main selling points for me, I also enjoyed Robin Wright (again, how can you not?), I also enjoyed how Ryan Gosling’s character wasn’t the love child of Deckard and Rachael. Because that’s the bitch that I am…

I feel like this film captured some of the wonder that the original did, but it was missing something, that may have been that I had to watch the movie a couple of times, because watching this movie with a small child bouncing around, screaming, or trying to pull your glasses off of your face does not lead to an enjoyable or coherent movie watching experience. But once I was able to finally sit down and watch this movie in piece I enjoyed it overall. And on that note, it’s time to end!

All for now,


Title from: Coachella – Woodstock in my Mind by LDR


Chasin’ me all over town…

Over the past few weeks I have been easing into a new lifestyle routine, my ideas were simple: eat better, go to sleep earlier, don’t drink as much alcohol, drink more water, and actually exercise. All things that I can do, I just have to actually do them.

So I started with the easiest options first, I cut my alcohol intake way down, I started cutting alcohol out during the week, or limiting to only a couple times a week. Around the holidays there are lots of family and friends who have parties or get togethers and alcohol is always flowing. I’ve always drank a lot of water in my day to day, so this was easy for me. I’m having very little issues upping my fluid intake.

Next I started to eat better, which I don’t eat terribly, but there is always some room for improvement. J started pickling vegetables, so that has lent itself well to preparing easy lunches. He also makes amazing chicken or turkey soup, perfect for the weather we have been having.

My next task is to start and sticking to an exercise routine. We have a treadmill, I have dumbbells, I have a yoga mat, I just need to devote more time to utilizing what equipment we have so I can tone some problem areas and hopefully loose the last bit of baby weight.

So what did I do? I got some new athletic apparel in the hopes that I would be more motivated! The prices on athletic apparel has always perturbed me… Like why do leggings or yoga pants need to be anymore than $10? Why do tee shirts need to be in the $25-35 range? Why dose looking cute, to feel confident enough to work out in front of other humans need to cost an arm and a leg? IDK, in another life I worked for a sporting goods company and I was astonished by the pricing then too… And lately I have been on a sort of Adidas kick. so here are some recent styles to get you motivated for exercising in 2018!


1. Adidas Crop Hoodie

2. Adidas Trefoil Sports Bra

3. Adidas Muscle Tank

4. Adidas Track Pants

5. Adidas Running Shoe 

I started officially working out again mid January, as I’ve mentioned in the past I am not one for New Year’s resolutions… I prefer to set attainable goals that I can accomplish and then set new goals. Hence easing myself into a new healthy routine. I’m hoping to follow up through out the year and track my progress. I’ve already lost 4 pounds, just about 20 more to go! And on that note, it’s time to end!

All for now,


Title from: Off To the Races by LDR

When you gonna realize, it was just that the time was wrong…

So glad to be back making playlists, it’s one of my favourite things to do monthly. This year I thought I’d keep with the themes, this month we are in true season fashion, something that affects many people who reside in regions with harsh winters. We’re talking Seasonal Affective Disorder… Up in my neck of the woods in the Hudson Valley, we have been experiencing very frigid temperatures and a considerable amount of snow. And it’s still only January… ugh, we have another month or so of this nonsense…

Anyway on to the playlist. This one is very reflective of my mood, it’s been a really down time the past few months and it can be hard to shake the feeling.

  1.  Life in a Northern Town – The Dream Academy
  2. Romeo and Juliet – The Killers (The original by Dire Straits is great too)
  3. Ghost of You  – My Chemical Romance
  4. Mary Queen of Arkansas – Bruce Springsteen
  5. Build God, Then We’ll Talk – Panic At The Disco!
  6. Dark Blue – Jack’s Mannequin
  7. Black Beauty – Lana Del Rey
  8. December is for Cynics – The Matches
  9. Forget December – Something Corporate
  10. If Winter Ends – Bright Eyes

Again this list is pretty “down” but it’s got a few great tracks on here. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I went with a remake… Just give it a listen, Brandon Flower’s voice is amazing on this track. The first time I heard it I froze. Of course there is some LDR and Bruce. Not to mention the early 00s EMO gems that I still listen to on occasion. I have been on a Something Corporate kick lately. Maybe it’s the SAD, that let’s the EMO do the talking. And on that note, it’s time to end!

All for now,


Title from: Romeo and Juliet by The Killers

‘Cause I just can’t look – it’s killing me…

One of J’s really good friend is getting married in March… Like in two months March, like on St. Patrick’s Day… March. And I have been searching and searching. And when I say searching I mean I have looked high and low for something to wear to this wedding. Under normal like prebaby weight I would have reached for one of my many LBDs and called it a day, but I can’t comfortably fit into any of those options, so I searched on.

I looked at Nordies (and if they didn’t have it where could it possibly be?), Asos, Bloomies, LOFT, Banana, White House Black Market, I mean everywhere I could think of… I looked at J. Crew a bunch of times, and then I found this dress, I am in love. It’s the nicest, easiest dress I could find. I can dress it up or down, and the best part: it was on sale with an additional 50% off the sale price, so I snagged it for under $40.00. I basically stole this dress, it retailed for $178, which is a respectable amount for a special occasion dress, I got the dress and the below items with shipping and tax for under $120.00. #jcrewftw.

I also picked up some items that are no longer available. I found a scarf cape thing in night watch tartan, something I have been looking for for a couple years now, since I saw the Alexander McQueen skull version. An oversize open grey cardi, perfect for layering at work, on super chilly days. And two pairs of opaque tights in black and navy. I have been looking for navy tights for a few years now, and sale on sale was the perfect opportunity.

I was getting really worried I wasn’t going to find anything to wear. All of the dresses were either too matronly, and I wasn’t going to be caught dead wearing them, or they were really cute but only available in plus sizes, this was something that I was happy to see, but sad that they didn’t offer the same dresses in my current size. Or the dresses were really suggestive and risque, which is not really appropriate because J is a groomsman. I’ll definitely share my ensembles from the wedding events when they come up! It’s pretty exciting! And on that note, it’s time to end!

All for now,


Title from: Mr. Brightside by The Killers